Does 10-4 by WEX charge any fees?

No. The 10-4 app is completely free to use and does not charge any fees.

How do I use the 10-4 by WEX app to pay for fuel?

  1. Find a fuel location: Open the app and use the Find Fuel tab to locate a fuel stop nearby or along your route
  2. Generate your fuel code: Tap the “Get fuel code” button to create a unique code which is essential for applying the discount
  3. Confirm payment: Confirm your existing payment method or set one up if you haven’t already
  4. Activate pump: Activate the pump by presenting your code to the cashier or entering it directly at the pump at participating locations
  5. Fuel up: Pump your fuel as usual
  6. Automatic payment: Once you have finished fueling, 10-4 will automatically charge your payment method at the discounted price
  7. Check your receipt: A receipt will be emailed to you and can be accessed in the Transactions tab within the app

How do I create an account in the 10-4 by WEX app?

Creating an account is easy. After downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. Enter your name, email, and phone number
  2. Create a password
  3. Set up multi-factor authentication
  4. Add your payment method (or add this later at any time before your first fuel purchase)

Does 10-4 by WEX require a background or credit check?

No. 10-4 by WEX does not require a background or credit check to use the app. Simply create your account, add a method of payment to your profile, and you are ready to go.

Why do I need to add a payment method to the 10-4 by WEX app?

To receive the 10-4 discounts, users conveniently pay for fuel directly through the app, eliminating the need to present a card at the stop. After pumping the desired gallons, 10-4 by WEX automatically charges your credit or debit card on file at the discounted price. Your card details are not shown or entered at the fuel stop, ensuring a hassle-free and secure transaction.

What form of payment can I use?

Currently, 10-4 by WEX accepts any major credit card or debit card.

How secure is the 10-4 by WEX app?

Ensuring the utmost safety and security of your payment information is of top priority for us. Your transactions are securely processed through our trusted partner’s gateway, 1stMILE, a leading provider in automotive consumer-driven commerce. 

How long are fuel codes valid?

Fuel codes are valid for 60 minutes before they expire. If needed, you can generate a new code or cancel an existing one at any time.

How do I cancel a fuel code?

After generating a fuel code, it will be displayed on a new screen. Directly beneath the code, there is an option to “Cancel transaction.” This renders the fuel code inactive, preventing its use to initiate the pump.

How can I locate fuel stops with discounts where the 10-4 app can be used?

Open the app, and select the Find Fuel tab. Utilize our GPS-enabled map to view diesel prices and savings based on location. Alternatively, input your route to discover on-route diesel discounts.

Can I use the app outside of the 10-4 network?

Currently, the app can only be used to pay for fuel at locations participating in the 10-4 discount network. We continuously work to expand our network, collaborating with various merchants to offer the best discounts along your routes.

Why is there a hold on my card?

A temporary hold is placed on your credit card for 200 gallons multiplied by the price per gallon at the selected station. This hold is released once the transaction is finalized, and the actual charge will be reflected accordingly. Please note that this process may vary depending on your credit card issuer and their specific terms and conditions.

What are the bonus tiers?

Bonus tiers offer you extra savings. By earning enough points in a given month, you can unlock a new bonus tier for the following month, which is applied to all gallons purchased in the app. This bonus is in addition to the default discount. Your points reset at the beginning of each month.

How do I earn points?

You earn one point for every gallon purchased in a given month. You can also earn points by inviting a friend and other promotional offers.

How do I use points?

Points will be accumulated over the entire month and added to your reward points balance. If you earn enough points to unlock a bonus tier, the bonus associated with that tier will automatically be applied to every gallon you purchase the following month in addition to the default discount.

Do the points and bonus tiers expire?

Once a bonus tier is unlocked, it becomes active on the first day of the following month in which it was earned and the bonus remains active for that entire month’s transactions. Please note points do not carry over from one month to the next.

Example: In November, you accumulated 520 points, unlocking the Bronze tier. Starting December 1st, the Bronze tier bonus becomes active and is applied to all transactions in December. Additionally, your points reset to 0 at the beginning of December, and you begin accumulating points throughout the month to unlock January’s bonus.

When can I use my points?

After unlocking a tier, the bonus associated with that tier will automatically become active on the first day of the following month. The bonus is added to the default discount and applied to all transactions that month. Your points reset, and you begin earning points for the subsequent month’s rewards.

How can I get in touch with 10-4 by WEX?

You can email us at or call us at 1-800-516-7523.